History and Government:What is the importance of the lecture method?





2 a. i).The importance of lecture method

As a method of teaching, lecture method is important because;

  • it is used to supplement other methods of teaching. In fact, there are a few circumstances if any, where one method of instruction can be used to its felled potential without being supplemented by some amount of lecture. For Instance, Hit- explanation portion of Inquiry (discovery) method influence the effect of the technique. Again, the brief introduction in- group discussion sets the tone of the discussion.
  • The spoken word is sometimes more effective than the printed one. A teacher can indicate by tones, gestures and facial expressions the exact shade of meaning to be conveyed.
  • The learners are able to develop the listening skill through lecture method. Listening patiently to somebody when speaking is a necessary quality to be developed in modern democratic society.
  • There is uniformity of material presented to the learners through lecture method. Of course it is to be assumed that the students listen carefully to the exposition made by the teacher
  • A well-prepared lecture can create profound impression on the mind of the students. An effective lecture motivates learners to read. There are cases when students, after hearing a lecture have been motivated to read further on the subject, take action, and modify their behavior.
  • Through lecture, the teacher can simplify and clarify a complex concept with additional illustrations.
  • It is economical in terms of staff and time, i.e. a large group can be addressed at once within a limited time, it is adaptable in respect to audience, content, time and equipment.
  • It is amenable to recordings and transcriptions.

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