What was the place of History in the ancient Society?


1 a.(ii). With examples  explain the place of History in the ancient world

Throughout the world, history was an unavoidable element of the education passed to the young from time immemorial.

The ancient Greeks, for instance, used the legendary stories  (Iliad and Odyssey) of the 10th century (B.C) by the Greek epic poet Homer to train their young ones in citizenship.

In Europe, during the dark ages (476 to 1000 A.C ), the laws of Charlemagne who ruled the Roman Empire from 800-814 and the laws of Alfred the Great who ruled from 871-899 A.C. in England, were taught to the children as a means of character training.

In the Middle Ages (400-1500), the church in Europe taught Church History in order to-reinforce the doctrines by which it lived.

The Elizabethan Age in England (1533-1.603) saw the beginning of patriotic history, which was the story of great military achievement in England’s past.

Alfred the Great

In Africa, the teaching of communities’ history based on legends, heroes. wars, social customs, and taboos were part and parcel of the educational system long before the coming of Arabs and Europeans.

However, when the Europeans came to Africa, they argued that Africans did not have a history. They contended that African history started with the arrival of the Europeans and Africans’ interactions with them. They equated history with literacy, forgetting that even in Europe there was history before the onset of the written word. Thus, history was important in many societies of the world and it is important to us today.



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