Religious Education: How are materials used in the teaching and learning of Religious Education?


5a ii). Explain how to use materials in R.E Teaching and Learning.

How to use the materials in R.E Teaching and Learning

Effective use of these materials requires the teacher to do the following:

  1. Identify a theme on which to focus reading. The communicator should consider
    whether: The theme can be clearly stated to suit the audience’s level;  The audience will have problems with parts of it; It will fulfill the purpose for which it is intended.
  2. Survey the available reading first to evaluate their suitability on criteria of:  Relevance and accuracy of information and relatedness to the topic of study; Appropriateness to the audience reading level in terms of vocabulary, sentence
    structure, and level of abstraction and in terms of reasoning power on issues that
    is controversial;  Background material where it will be determined whether additional information will be needed to subsidize or support the topic being read.
  3.  Prepare relevant notes such as vocabulary and actual information to be stressed.
  4.  Prepare a series of focused questions to enable audience to know exactly what they
    are required to extract from the readings.
  5.  Evaluate audience’s answers to determine which areas need further attention.
  6.  Display on the bulletin board some newspaper cuttings, showing current information on HIV and AIDS sexual abuse, drug abuse e.t..c. These could be mounted in a book or filed for future reference.

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