Religious Education: How can a teacher use a tape recorder in the classroom in the teaching of Religious Education?


6a vii). Explain how to use a tape recorder in the classroom

How to use a tape recorder in the classroom

For effective utilization of the tape recorder, the teacher should follow the following steps:

  1. Preview the audio material.

The teacher has to listen to the material critically before taking it to the classroom. This will help to:

  • determine the relevancy of the material.

  •  Find out the objectives of the audio material.

  •  identify important terms and concepts used.

  • find out other materials required for the lesson, e.g. maps, charts and pictures.

  • find out whether there are activities for the students during the lesson.

  • know the duration of the programme so that the teacher could make the   necessary adjustment regarding the lesson (timetable).

  • find out what the main points ofthe programme are.

  • decide on how the material will be presented, i.e. whether it will be a continuous play or there will be pauses to allow for questions and discussions.

  •  decide on assessment procedures to use to determine whether the objectives have been realized.

  •  test on the condition of the cassette and on the cells (in places with no electricity) whether they are low or high.

2. Prepare the class for listening:

(i) Introduce the programme to the students and explain the objectives;

(ii) Write new terms and concepts on the chalkboard or and explain them;

(iii) Reorganize seating/sitting arrangement if need be;

(iv) Emphasize on class control; (vi) encourage students to listen quietly and                        carefully.


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