Religious Education: How can a teacher utilize objects in the teaching of Religious Education?



5b iii).State how to utilize objects in the teaching of Religious Education

How to utilize objects in a Religious Education lesson

To utilize the objects effectively in a teaching/learning situation, the following should be done:

(1)       Decide on the topic to prepare slides on. It should be a religious or traditional                       related theme.

(2)       Write down the teaching points you want to get across to the learners.

(3)       Make a list of pictures you will like to take.

(4)       Photograph the scenes you have decided on.

(5)       Send the film for processing; it will come back to you as a set of slides.

(6)       Arrange the slides in the order in which you plan to show them. Project them for a             friend to evaluate them.

(8)       After projection discuss with your friend the effectiveness of the pictures and                       make any necessary adjustments e.g. re-arranging the order of the slides.

(9)       After re-arranging, number them in order in which they will be shown.

(10)      Pick them in the order you have arranged them.

(11)      Project them when required.

(12)       If necessary give comments on each slide as it is projected. In this case,                                   commentary roles should be prepared in advance as this makes teacher’s work                   easier.


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