Religious Education: How do you prepare charts as a Religious Education teacher?



5 a viii). Explain how a teacher for Religious Education ought to prepare charts.

How to prepare charts

When preparing charts for teaching/learning purposes, the teacher should do the

  1. Use a manila paper which allows for the use of all conventional colours, white is an
    ideal colour.
  2. Give the chart a heading written in capital letters which is brief but clear.
  3. Give it a frame which has a margin with two opposite sides which are proportional.
  4. Sketch out the outline of the chart on a manila paper in pencil.
  5. Pencil in the details of the chart lightly.
  6. Ink in the outline and details in the chart.
  7. Where possible use a lettering guide.
  8. Give the chart a key at the right hand bottom corner. The key should tell exactly
    what each symbol represents.
  9. Keep it in good condition before and after use.

How do you use it?

In using the chart the following should be done:

  1. Give a provision for hanging or pinning the chart at a strategic place in the
    classroom. Do not use learners to hold it unless it cannot be helped.
  2. Use proper materials for displaying the chart without damaging it, e.g. cello tape, a string for hanging, pins, staples, etc.
  3. Display it when you are ready to use it, i.e. it should be introduced at the right time.
  4. At times prepare questions which could be answered using the chart.
  5. Use a pointer to point out specific features in the chart.
  6. Make maximum use of the chart during the lesson.
  7. Once the class is through with the chart, it should be removed.
  8. Store and preserve it for future use.

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