Religious Education: How does a teacher utilize objects in the teaching of a Religious Education lesson?


5b v). Analyze how to utilize objects in a Religious Education lesson

How to utilize objects in a Religious Education lesson

To utilize the objects effectively in a teaching/learning situation, the following should be done:

Introduce the object to the learners i.e. tell what it is and its function. If it is big enough display it in a strategic place so that all learners can see it at the same time. If it is small pass it round, if you want to encourage closer inspection or comments, but do not continue talking as the object is being inspected as this will divert the learners’ attention.

Identify questions that can be answered by use of the object. When you are giving an explanation or answering questions, make sure that all the learners can see the  object at the same time.

  • Draw students’ attention to study the physical qualities of the object and specifically identify what you want the students to study about the object.
  • Link the object and the message to be conveyed. This means that the learners should be able to see the relationship between the object and the content being taught.
  • Use the chalkboard to emphasize the main features of the object.
  • Keep it away safely after use to avoid breakage.

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