Religious Education: What are the limitations of using films and what role do films play in the teaching of Religious Education?


6 b i).State the limitations of using films and the outline the role films play in the teaching of Religious Education.


RE teachers are advised to identify whatever relevant films are available and where to find them. It is important that they select films that are pertinent to the teaching objectives. Some of the places where films can be available are British Council Library, National museums, American Cultural Centre, Kenya Institute of Education, Kenya National Library Services, Kenya National Archives, Universities and other institutions of higher learning. The teacher should note that in some of these places for example the Kenya National Archives, films are not lent out but learners can be taken there to view them.

In deciding to use films, the teacher should be aware of their limitations such as the following:

  1. Some films can give learners incorrect notions.

  2. At times learners treat films as entertainment rather than learning features.

  3. Films may emphasize elements that should not be emphasized in the course.

  4. Films are not very adaptable because it is difficult to excerpt what is wanted or to skip what is irrelevant.

  5. They require special provision for projection

  6. They take up a fair amount of time, thought and money.

  7. Sometimes the language used is not the level of the learners. As such, learners do not comprehend what they are portraying.

  8. Use of films disadvantages students with problems of hearing and seeing.

  9. They need a specialized technical skill for effective utilization which many teachers do not have.

  10. In case of failure they can cause a certain amount of embarrassment and confusion.



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