Religious Education: What are the qualities of a good chart?


5a vii). Name the qualities of a good chart.

Qualities of a good chart
A good chart must:

  • have a heading/title in capital letters.
  • bring out the message clearly precisely and forcefully, i.e. it should have a central idea standing out clearly.
  • use symbols which can be understood by the users.
  • contain information which is true, accurate and authentic in all respects.
  • be simple, not loaded with unnecessary details.
  • have bold writing and outlines which can be clearly seen from a distance.
  •  be easy to read with clear symbols and lettering.
  •  be interesting and neat, making it attractive to look at.
  •  be of good size, large enough to be seen by the entire class.
  • make use of conventional colors where necessary and also color coding to show
    contrast, comparisons or growth.

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