Religious Education: What are the steps a teacher for Religious Education follow in the making of a model?


5 b vii). Explain how a teacher can make a model.

How to make a model

Where the learners are involved in the preparation of the model, the teacher should do the following:

  1.  Introduce the object to be modeled, highlighting its main physical features;
  2. Identify the materials to be used;
  3. Supply the material or ask the learners to look for materials; Assign roles to individuals or groups;
  4. Guide them on how to prepare the models;
  5. Ensure that the amount of detail included depend on the age of the learners;
    Supervise the work and give guidance where necessary;
  6. Evaluate the finished product using the qualities discussed above.
  7. The teacher may make the model and then present the finished article to the class.
  8. In utilizing the model, the teacher should use the same procedure used in utilization of objects.

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