Religious Education: What are the ways in which a teacher can successfully organize a video lesson in Religious Education?



6b v).Suggest ways in which a teacher can organize a successful video lesson in Religious Education

Suggestions on how to organize a video lesson .

A video lesson could be organized as follows:

(1) Introduce the video programme. This can be done by giving a brief statement on the         programme, explaining the purpose for watching it, emphasizing on what to look for.

(2) Give a predictive exercise which will prepare students for what they are about to               hear and view to familiarize themselves with the content of the video-tape. It will               involve asking them to predict/imagine what they are likely to see in that programme.

(3)  Show the video-tape.

(4)  Follow up the predictive exercise by asking questions to compare what they have                viewed and what they had imagined.

(5)   Reshow the video a second time if necessary.

(6)  Organize follow-up activities/exercise. This can be done in many ways e.g.:                           discussing the content of the video, students role playing, students doing written                 exercise related to what they have viewed, or students doing further reading on the           topic.


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