Religious Education: What is the importance of the Religious Education syllabus?


7a ii). Examine the importance of a Religious Education syllabus

Importance of an R.E syllabus

  1. It identifies the goals of education, the objectives of teaching either C.R.E or Islamic Studies and specific objectives of teaching topics in the syllabus. This is important because it gives the teacher purpose and focus in teaching.
  2. It specifies the relevant content to be taught for the realization of the above goals and objectives. This is necessary because content is at the core of teaching. Without it there will be no teaching.
  3.  It suggests a wide range of methods and resources to be used for the teaching of the subject for the achievement of the objectives. This is very essential because it ensures that the learners are actively involved in the lessons through a variety of activities which keeps them motivated and their attention sustained.
  4. It specifies what content should be taught at what grade by matching the difficulty of the content with the mental age of the learned. This ensures that what students learn is within their ability and level.

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