Religious Education : What is the place of newspapers, newsletters and magazines ?


5a i). Examine the place of newspapers, newsletters and magazines in the teaching of Religious Education

Newspapers, Newsletters and Magazines

These materials have useful information on social issues affecting the immediate society
and the world at large and could therefore be used in teaching of R.E.

They are importance because of the following:

(1) They offer valuable and up-to-date information. This is especially the case with
newspapers and the weekly/monthly magazines. The recency of the information
makes teaching more real and applicable to the students’ environment.

(2) They are available in the open market in a wide variety hence one can get a better
balanced view of religious issues discussed in various sources.

(3) Occasionally, they offer very detailed information otherwise not available in ordinary
textbooks, e.g. during HIV/AIDS day, newspapers may outline achievements made in
the fight against the virus.

(4) They are flexible in their use e.g. magazines and newspapers can be cut into relevant
pieces to illustrate or to convey a message or they can be used whole on a wide range
of topics related to sexually transmitted diseases.

(5) They facilitate in the development of:

(i) Reporting information accurately and systematically;

(ii) Comparing information from different sources to arnve at a reasonable

(iii) Identifying some concepts commonly associated with religion.

(6) Newspapers and reviews can provide a room for open criticisms and suggestions on
local issues associated with immorality e.g. prostitution, use of condoms, child abuse,
drug abuse, cultural practices, pregnancy and HIVand AIDs.

(7) Wider coverage of issues


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