Religious Education: What is the role of over-head transparencies in the teaching of Religious Education?


5b iv).Explain the role of over-head transparencies in the teaching of Religious Education.

Over-head transparencies

A transparency is a material used to write on and the written word is projected on an overhead projector. There are different types of transparencies, but commonly available ones are acetate, cell-film or polythene sheet. The overhead transparency can be used as the chalkboard where the teacher writes on the transparency as the lesson proceeds gradually building up a lesson summary as the work is projected. An object is a visible or tangible thing to which attention or action is directed. In R.E teaching, it refers to a real thing which has some religious moral or importance. Examples of objects which can be used in R.E teaching are: the cross, rosary, priestly robes, regalia, traditional medicine, which doctor’s paraphernalia, armlets worn round the neck and waist of a new born child, traditional stool, warrior’s spears and shield, holy cup(s) wine and bread used during Holy Communion, engagement and wedding rings, marriage certificates, coins/money, seeds, commonly abused drugs, condoms, gloves, circumcision knife among many others


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