Religious Education: What is the use of radio in the teaching of Religious Education?


6a i). Analyze the use of Radio in the teaching of Religious  Education.

The Radio

The radio can be used to:

  • Inform and motivate the youth on issues of morality, religion and culture like sexually transmitted diseases especially HIV and AIDS, drug and sexually abuses, pregnancy, corruption, preaching and music of religious or moral teaching. There are radio programmes which could be very useful in creating in the youth awareness of irresponsible sexually behavior e.g. youth variety shows, radio soap opera and drama, radio sports, and discussion programmes.
  • Radio Variety Show: Includes music, short stories, short interviews and jokes.
  • Radio Soap Operas and Drama: Consist of interesting stories which are enacted to really capture the experiences of the youth and their families.
  • Radio Sports have an advertising format often accompanied by catchy tunes. They use young people to communicate the message to the other youths.
  • Radio discussions: Discussions on social issues between the experts to the youth is perpetuated and integrated with music giving accurate and authentic information relating to drugs, alcohol, HIV and AIDS e.t.

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