ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: Are you able to analyze the organization and management of a Learning Resource Centre in teaching?



8a iv). Give an analysis of the Organization and Management of a Learning Resource Centre.

8.6 Organization and management of the Learning Resource Center

The organization and management of the LRC are best discussed under three areas namely personnel, physical or space provision, and material requirements.

8.6.1 Personnel

This is built on a kind of three-dimensional plans with the director of the center as the warden. S/he is a specialist in media education. Also, there should be support staff comprising technical staff, graphics, and secretarial staff, librarians and teachers. Their functions should be to provide students with materials from which they can learn on their own to set up and if necessary operate equipment to produce learning materials, to provide support to teachers by either retrieving or preparing materials or by giving assistance and advice in the actual presentation of material. They are also involved in curriculum development.

8.6.2 Physical or space provision

When setting up an LRC consideration should be given to the provision of spaces for:

  • Periodicals/journals room which current copies are on display and where back numbers issues of journals can be borrowed.
  • Learning resources room containing carrels at which student can see slides, listen to tapes and CDs, study video/VCD materials without interfering with other users. These can also be transmitted on request from a control room.
  • Control room in which sound tapes/CD, records and video/VCD can be played and transmitted to terminal outlets in most rooms within the institution.
  • Recording room for the making of sound recordings and the dubbing of films.
  • Television studio which although can he well equipped is a classroom converted for this purpose. Mobile television trolleys which can be operated by a member of staff working on his/her own with a class in any room.
  • Media workshop in which students and staff can produce their worn visual aids and other teaching/learning aids.
  • Reading area cum space for seminars or group discussions usually designed to fit 10 people.
  • Maintenance facilities. The LRC should have space and personnel available to carry on the maintenance programme.
  • Graphics artist studio in which a graphics assistant produces visual aids of professional quality.
  • Reprographics room where printed or duplicated teaching materials and handouts are prepared.
  • Conference room large enough to accommodate groups of various sizes.
  • Cyber café where staff and students can surf the internet and access other related materials.

8.6.3 Staff training New staff to in service in order to take full advantage of the facilities which are provided. Every member of staff should be trained by the media specialist to operate the electronic equipment and any other equipment s/he may not be familiar with.

8.6.4 Materials requirements

Materials and equipment should be cataloged and entered into comprehensively prepared inventories. Some of these items include:

          1. Curriculum materials and professional literature for teachers
          2. Bulletin boards, chalk boards, display centers, a card index and evaluation index
          3. Preview and laboratory facilities provision
          4. Equipment for conditioning, rewinding, inspecting and splicing films. In addition, there should be provision for simpler repair of audio visual equipment and materials.
          5. Materials and equipment provided for teachers and students to make maps, charts, graphs, models, mock ups, objects, specimens, posters, puppets, flannel boards, exhibits, slides, and items needed for demonstrations and experiments
          6. Tape transcripts for use in the classroom.

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