ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: Can you examine the lecture method as a skill in micro (peer)-teaching?



9c ii). Examine the lecture method as a skill in micro (peer)-teaching


This the process of transmitting knowledge verbally. There are two forms of lecturing namely formal and informal. A found lecturer is purely verbal and communication is basically one way from the teacher to the pupils interrupting the exposition while informal lecture allows the pupils to ask/answer questions, make comments, suggestions, demonstrate etc. An informal lecture can also be enriched with illustrations. In schools, the informal lecture is ideal because there is a need for constant dialogue between the teacher and the pupils besides using learning resources.

Situations in which use of the lecture skill is recommended (including advantages)

Questions may vary as to when to use the lecturing skill but the following situations seem to offer suitable opportunities:

  • When introducing a topic/content
  • When presenting information which is not available in books
  • When synthesizing information from several sources
  • When interpreting or clarifying situations.
  • When one wants to cover much ground (content) within a short time
  • When handling a large group of learners
  • When summarizing points
  • When concluding a lesson.

Disadvantages of lecture method

  • It is teacher centered
  • Does not engage learners in active learning
  • Understanding of learners net readily assessed
  • Learners likely to lose interest if not based on texts/illustrations

Requirements for lecture method

A good lecture should have

  • Preparation- the lecture must be adequately planned in advance through making sure that the objectives, learning activities and resources are harmonized.
  • Introduction. There are many ways of introducing a lecture for example through questions, short story, and statement in form of a problem. It must be enticing.
  • Main body. A presentation should follow a logical manner, be interesting and employ examples which are realistic and interesting. It must be comprehensive and cohesive
  • Conclusion. Just as a good beginning is essential so is a good ending. One way of summarizing a lecturer is to give a brief outline of the topic. This should be devoid of repetition.

Suggestions for improving the lecture method

  • the teacher’s personality i.e. the use of well-modulated voice and avoiding monotony in presentation
  • use of gestures to lay emphasis
  • the teacher should talk to the pupils, not to self or to the chalkboard
  • The teacher should constantly check on the pupils understanding and be aware of nonverbal aspects of communication.
  • The teacher should make use of learning resources.

Evaluation guide of the lecture skill

The following are suggested guidelines are evaluating the lecture skill:

  • Did the lesson start on an interesting note that attracted the pupils and captured their attention.
  • Did the teacher use a well-modulated voice
  • Did the teacher use gestures, facial expressions and body movements
  • Was the language used simple
  • Was the lecture punctuated with pauses to allow pupils to absorb the content
  • Did the teacher keep to the point
  • Was the teacher aware of warning signs e.g. restlessness, boredom or confusion
  • Did the teacher make effective use of the chalkboard and other illustrative devices
  • Was the technique appropriate to the content covered
  • Did the teacher give a forceful conclusion
  • How was the teacher’s personality (appearance, manner of dressing, behavior etc)

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