ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: How are models used in systematic planning for media use?




5a ii). Discuss on the use of models in systematic planning for media use.

5.4 Models to use in systematic planning for media use

Various models can be used to explain the approaches to use. These include:



image for somi

  • The process starts by determining the goals to be accomplished as a result of teaching the topic under consideration. This narrows down to the objectives and the content to be covered. The students are the center of focus.
  • The second step is to look a t the conditions under which the students are to achieve the goals. This is by looking at the learning experiences as well as the teaching/learning format.
  • The third step is to consider the resources needed to achieve the set goals. This focuses specifically on the physical facilities, the human resources and the materials at the teacher’s disposal
  • The fourth and last step looks back at the outcome by finding out whether the objectives were achieved. It also looks at ways of improving the use of the same media for better results.

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