ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: How can the television be used as a means of teaching in the classroom in today’s society?



4d ii). Analyze the television as a means of teaching in today’s society.

4.5 Television

Television refers to live broadcasts while video refers to images captured on tape or disc. Television can come in several formats. Formats include open circuit television, closed circuit television (CCTV), cable television, one-way and two –way (interactive) television. It is a hybrid mode which combines audio materials with visuals, thus enabling multi-sensory stimulation of the learner to take place. The audio materials can be combined with textual materials, slides or photographic materials. They are ideal for individualized instruction. Problems of cost and maintenance inhibit the use of TV in many areas. Features of TV are similar to those of radio, but the visual element gives an added dimension, so given a choice people will often prefer TV to radio as they find it more interesting and the TV makes it possible to use broadcasting for visual presentation (e.g. in Geography or Science subjects) which would otherwise have to be done in print. Television is ideal for communication with illiterates. Some evidence exists however that illiterates listen to educational TV less often than literate viewers.

For effective use of television the flowing utilization checklist would be useful:

  • If possible determine the content and objectives of the program in advance
  • Check the equipment in advance to be sure it’s in operating order
  • Be sure that all students can see and hear the program without interference
  • Plan introductory and follow up activities
  • Participate actively in reviewing the program with your students.

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