ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: How does systematic planning impact the teaching process?



5a i). Analyze the way systematic planning impacts the teaching process

5.1 What this chapter is about

The teacher needs to plan in advance the use of media in teaching. There are various steps that one must go through in order to use instructional media effectively. This unit takes you through the various steps necessary to ensure effective utilization of media in teaching.

5.3  Introduction and definitions.

As a starting point, it may suffice to briefly review the general systems theory. Anatol Rapoport (1968) defined as a system as “ A whole that functions as a whole by virtue of the interdependence of this parts.”Immegart and Pilecki (1973) defines the system as “A set of objects together with relationships between them and between their attributes”…While Banathy (1968) says “ A system is a deliberately designed synthetic organization comprised of interrelated and interacting components which are employed to function in an integrated fashion to attain pre-determined purposes.”

The class is a system with subsystems such as the teacher, pupils, content, media and materials, instructional space etc. the sub systems must be interdependent and he able to interact to assure effective teaching and learning to occur. The table below shows the practical application of principles of general systems theory.

Theoretical principle Practical application
The goal drives the system Identify the goal of the instructional system
Each part of the system plays a role in accomplishing the goal Identify parts of the system and the specific role each plays in accomplishing the goal
The parts of a system are mutually independent When changes occur in one part of the system, maintain the system’s balance by making corresponding changes in the other parts of the system

Technology is defined as the system of scientific or other organized knowledge to practical tasks (Galbraith, 1967 p 12). It therefore performs a bridging function between research and theoretical explorations on the one side and the real world problems faced by practitioners on the other. Instructional technology is applying scientific knowledge about human learning to the practical tasks of teaching and learning (Heinich , Molenda and Russell, 1996, p.16)


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