ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the basic considerations a teacher should have when evaluating school textbooks?



4a iv). Discuss some of the basic considerations a teacher should have when evaluating school textbooks. Basic Consideration in Evaluating School Textbooks.

The following criteria or scheme of evaluation can be followed in selecting textbooks for use in schools:

  • Is the author competent
  • Does the textbook interpret the curricular objectives well?
  • How is the textbook handling controversial issues?
  • Does the subject matter contained therein promote sound moral values


    • Is the style adapted to the age level of the students (length of sentences, length of paragraphs)
    • Is the vocabulary suitable for the grade
    • Does the material cater for individual differences?


      1. Are the index and table of contents complete?
      2. Is there a glossary for difficult words?
      3. Are there illustrations, maps, sketches, tables, graphs to supplement printed matter?
      4. Do the visuals aids add interest to the textual matter (reality in color, artistic page arrangement, and minimum irrelevant details).
      5. Are the suggested related activities practical?
      6. Do well-organized summaries and review appear at the end of each chapter/unit?
      7. Do the bibliographies include the most up to date materials


      1. Is the type clear?
      2. Is there good spacing between lines for easy reading? For under 7 years old, 10 lines per 4 inches; for 7-9-year-olds, 20 lines per 4 inches; for 9-12-year-olds, 22 lines per 4 inches; Above 12-year-olds, 24 lines per 4 inches.
      3. Are the lines of proper length for easy reading (3 to 4 inches)?
      4. Is the paper of good quality, weight, and durability?
      5. Is the binding reinforced?
      6. Are the pages planned for easy readability?

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