ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the categories of community learning resources in teaching?



7a iv). State some of the categories of community learning resources.

7.7 Categories of community resources

Community resources existing in the vicinity of the school can be classified in 12 specific categories. They can be classified in terms of those pertaining to:

          • Physical setting and world of nature
          • Historical aspect
          • Homelife
          • Health
          • Industry and occupation
          • Communication
          • Population
          • Education
          • Religion
          • Recreation
          • Government
          • Community life

Community study opportunities specifically fall into two broad types

a). Bringing resource persons or demonstrations into the school compound.

b).Taking pupils out of the classroom into the community. This can be done in the following ways:-

  1. Walking trips to the farms, nearest market or into the town.
  2. The field study to outlying areas where walking might be precluded due to distance.
  3. Visits to resource persons e.g. the magistrate, D.C, D.O. Agricultural Extension Officer, County Councillor, Jua-Kali artisan etc.
  4. Special learning trips e.g. to the National Assembly, Animal Orphanage, Forestry Conservation Camps etc.
  5. Research surveys, fast finding interviews with business, government or community leaders in their normal work settings by selected groups or individual pupils.

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