ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the guidelines for proper utilization of community learning resources in teaching?



7a v). Name some of the guidelines for proper utilization of community learning resources.

7.8 Guidelines for proper utilization of community resources.

Digolo (1986) found that Kenyan primary schools had no guidelines to be followed by the teachers in selecting suitable community resources to be used for instruction. He also found that the classroom teacher received no guidance from both internal and external facilitators. The facilitators should include head teachers, inspectors, T.A.C actors or even K.I.E curriculum specialists. The teacher should receive guidance concerning the selection and utilization of community resources. In fact, only 27.8% of the respondents accepted (or stated that they were aware) the existence of guidelines.

Digolo identified the following guidelines as being useful in the selection of community resources (in order of importance)

  • Suitability of fulfilling learning objectives
  • Appropriate for motivating learners
  • Relevant to life problems
  • Economical to acquire
  • Appropriate to teaching methods
  • Related to previous experience of learners
  • Useful in revision exercises

The respondents also perceived the role of the primary teacher training colleges in the preparation of trainee-teachers for the utilization of community resources as not being adequate. It was also found that all subjects in the primary schools’ curriculum in Kenya required the use of community resources in order to provide a learning experience which is more relevant, challenging and life-centered.


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