ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the guidelines that a teacher ought to adhere to while selecting a picture for the teaching process?




3a iv). Examine some of the guidelines that a teacher ought to adhere to while selecting a picture in the teaching process.

3.7 Pictures preferred by learners and their effectiveness

It is important to stress that that the kinds of visuals preferred by pupils are not necessarily those from which they learn the most. Whereas it is important that a teacher tries to incorporate in his/her teaching the interests of the learners, s/he needs to also consider that which is effective. If it so happens that the visual selected is that which will appeal to learners and at the same time prove to be effective for learning then this should be perfect. However, in some instances, a teacher will need to strike a balance or choose one of the other. A good teacher will always strive to make the best judgment that suits his/her circumstance.

Why do we need to consider the learner’s interest? The preference or interest of learners relates to issues of motivation. When motivation is lacking, then we should not expect my meaningful learning to take place.

3.7.1. Guidelines to preferred visuals and effective visuals

Research findings reveal the following points in respect to preferred visuals on one hand and effective visuals on the other. We here below examine the following pictorial qualities of visuals in respect to learner preference and effectiveness:

  • Colored and black and white visuals. Most people prefer colored visuals over black and white. However, studies show that there is no significant difference between these visuals in as far as learning and communication are concerned, except where color is an important part of what is to be learnt e.g. green matter in leaves, red blood.
  • Photographs and drawings. Whereas most learners prefer photographs in many situations drawing are more effective. This is because drawing tend to emphasize important details
  • Highly realistic and every abstract representations. Although most people prefer very realistic (detailed) visuals as opposed to abstract representations, moderation tends to be the guideline for instructional purposes and communication
  • Simple and complex illustrations. Young children prefer simple visuals, older children and adults can cope with complex visuals. Nevertheless, simple visuals are more effective irrespective of age.

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