ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the methods used in distance education?



9b iii). Examine some of the methods used in distance education.

9.10 Methods of teaching at a distance

Most distance education systems employ several methods of teaching. As mentioned early it is prudent for an institution teaching students at a distance to employ the multimedia approach.

The most prominent method used in all distance education systems is through printed materials. The materials are normally in the form of study guides, worksheets, and notes. The materials are specially prepared to be used by the student on his/her own. They present the content in convenient doses punctuated with regular exercises. The second method is through the use of radio broadcasts and audio cassette recordings. These are also prepared in such a manner that the student can independently listen at home. The recordings are made to support the printed materials. The recordings ensure that the presentation is conversational.

The third method of teaching and which should be in built into the system is through the use of occasional face to face teaching during residential session and field visits. During the visits the students get the opportunity to interact with the authors of the printed materials. There are obviously other media that can be used in distance education. Rumble and Kegan (1982) tabulated 13 kinds of media used in distance education. These include print, study centers, face-to-face tuition, telephone tuition, computer assisted instruction, access to computer terminals, access to laboratories at study centers, home experiment kits, residential schools, television, videotapes, radio and audio-cassettes.


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