ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the micro (peer)-teaching skills and what are some of the challenges faced by training institutions?



9c i). Outline the micro(peer)-teaching skills and some of the challenges faced by training institutions


The following skills to be practiced

  • Lecturing
  • Questioning and reinforcement
  • Set induction and stimulus variation
  • Small group work and use of examples
  • Integration of the skills


  • Increasing enrollment in teacher training institutions outstripping facilities
  • Inability to get trainees to be in small groups of 5 and to go through the training cycle of TEACH—-VIEW—CRITIQUE—RETEACH—OBSERVE—CRITIQUE for each of the skills due to lack of time and facilities.
  • Lack of recording facilities to enable proper use of the microteaching model.


The micro-lesson has similar features to the actual lesson plan for the full lesson. It is made-up of:

  • The normal administrative details.
  • Specific instructional objectives clearly stated and appropriate for the class level. Note that in a normal lesson, the objectives determine the teaching approach while in micro-teaching the skill determines the objectives. As much as possible the objectives should span the various domains and the levels therein.
  • Introductory step: clearly showing a guide to the skill to be demonstrated
  • Lesson development step: Clear and accurate information on the content to be covered
  • Concluding step: Clear statement concerning the manner in which the conclusion of the lesson is to be brought about bearing in mind the content

Horizontally, the lesson plan format caters for time allocation, content in note form, learning activities in terms of the learner and in proper variety, and resources. The references should be various and clearly show the title, author and page.

The second part of the course will concern itself with the production of resources such as graphics, 3 dimensional materials and audio recordings.


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