ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the objectives and procedures to be followed during micro (peer)- teaching?



9b v). Outline the general objectives and procedures to be followed during micro-teaching


Micro (peer)-teaching alms at achieving the following objectives:

  • Preparation of student-teachers for the actual teaching practice
  • Reduction of the complexity of the teaching task by allowing student-teachers to concentrate on the practice of specific lesson preparation and presentation skills.
  • Provision of a means of easing the tension on the student-teachers with less trauma, from the theory of methods to the realism of the practical classroom situation
  • Development of critical observation of what constitutes effective teaching


  • Identify the relevant skill
  • Expose the trainees to the skill through a lecture/demonstration/video show/ film
  • The trainee selecting a topic from the content area of a subject and preparing a micro lesson of between 5-7 minutes that can be used to demonstrate the chosen skill.
  • The trainee should not attempt to squeeze the content of 40 minutes into 5-8 minutes but should target a small section of the content.
  • The micro lesson should include all the expected details such as administrative details, specific objectives, time a location, content, learning activities, resource materials. I should have the 3 stages namely introduction, lesson development, and the conclusion.
  • The skill to be practiced should also be indicated
  • Practicing the skill
  • Evaluating the performance of the teacher trainee

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