ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the solutions to the limitations of using live radio broadcasts in teaching?



6a vi).Analyze some of the solutions to the limitations of using live radio broadcasts in teaching.

6.8 Solutions to Some of the Limitations.

Most of the limitations discussed above can be overcome by the use of recording s instead of using the “live” transmissions. The teacher must decide well in advance how s/he wants to integrate the programmes into the schemes of work. Sometimes it is advisable for the teacher to prepare to record the series and use them at a convenient time; this is so because radio programmes are suitably used when in recorded form. Once the materials are dubbed, the class teacher can:-

  • Use parts of the audio lesson interspersed with the teaching that is s/he can pause the tape recorder/audio cassette recorder and discuss a point before proceeding with the listening.
  • Pause the equipment each time a response is called for, and allow pupils to respond at their own space.
  • Use the recording as and when the scheme of work allows and breathe a sigh of relief from the tight schedule of the “live” transmissions.
  • Use the same materials for to her streams at different times as well as use it in subsequent years.
  • He/she will have solved the problem of poor reception as she can use the audio recording at anytime and anywhere. S/he can also rewind sections to allow pupils to listen again.

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