ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are some of the sources of non-verbal signs?



2 a ii). Examine some of the sources of non-verbal signs

2.5 Sources of non verbal signs

There are two main sources of non verbal signs namely:

  • Inherent. These are non verbal signs one is born with for instance the blink of an eye. We are born with the tendency to react physically in certain ways and it is almost impossible to control the reactions.
  • Experiences common to culture, social class or family, these are learned the same way as the spoken language. We learn them through observing and imitating people around us. It is worth noting that not all people in any culture have identical patterns for example hand waving is a common way of greeting in urban areas such as Nairobi as people are normally in a hurry whereas in the rural areas it is common and fashionable to shake hands. The non verbal signs are read on the basis of our own background and experiences.

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