ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What are the physical or spatial considerations one ought to have in the setting up of a Learning Resource Centre?



8a v). Examine the physical and spatial considerations one ought to have in the setting up of a Learning Resource Centre

8.6.2 Physical or space provision

When setting up an LRC consideration should be given to the provision of spaces for:

  • Periodicals/journals room which current copies are on display and where back numbers issues of journals can be borrowed.
  • Learning resources room containing carrels at which student can see slides, listen to tapes and CDs, study video/VCD materials without interfering with other users. These can also be transmitted on request from a control room.
  • A control room in which sound tapes/CD, records and video/VCD can be played and transmitted to terminal outlets in most rooms within the institution.
  • Recording room for the making of sound recordings and the dubbing of films.
  • Television studio which although can he well equipped is a classroom converted for this purpose. Mobile television trolleys which can be operated by a member of staff working on his/her own with a class in any room.
  • Media workshop in which students and staff can produce their worn visual aids and other teaching/learning aids.
  • Reading area cum space for seminars or group discussions usually designed to fit 10 people.
  • Maintenance facilities. The LRC should have space and personnel available to carry on the maintenance program.
  • Graphics artist studio in which a graphics assistant produces visual aids of professional quality.
  • Reprographics room where printed or duplicated teaching materials and handouts are prepared.
  • Conference room large enough to accommodate groups of various sizes.
  • Cyber café where staff and students can surf the internet and access other related materials.

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