ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What bearing does emotions have on non-verbal communication?



2a v). Analyze the influence that emotions have over non-verbal communication.

2.8 Influence of emotions on non-verbal communication.

Emotions directly affect the size of one’s territory and this can easily result in non-verbal responses. For instance:

  • When a person gets upset the body becomes rigid. Nervous pupils will find their throats tightening and stomach miracles contradicting when asked to address their colleagues.
  • An adult looks like a giant to a frightened child. Psychologists recommend that which dealing with crying children adults should kneel down or at least come to the child’s level.
  • Lawyers and court prosecutors know that moving closer to the accused may upset the accused and this may force him/her to say something s/he would not have revealed under normal circumstances.
  • When a teacher leans towards one of the pupils suspected of being a ringleader of a strike, it is likely to upset the pupil, and this may result in the breakdown of the pupil’s defense and an admission of guilt.

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