ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What is the place of audio media in the teaching process?



4c ii). Analyze the place of Audio media in the teaching process.

4.4.1 Audio media

Audio or sound media utilize the sense of hearing. This is a very powerful sense as it accounts for 83%of what we learn. It is also known that we retain a substantial percentage of what we learn through this sense. To utilize this we need to use the ear. The human ear can respond to and identify tones as low as 20 Hz to 20kHz. Speech may be recorded in the range 1,000-2,500Hz. Musical events, drama and panel discussions are recorded in stereo to preserve the full dimensional quality of the original performance. Audio materials constitute one of the most commonly used teaching/learning materials in the classroom. The teacher can use ready made or design materials. The advantages of making one’s own materials are numerous but of importance are:

        • The teacher takes into account the objectives of that particular lesson.
        • The environment is taken into account
        • The needs of the learners are taken into account
        • The learners have a chance in collecting, assembling and manipulating parts of the finished product.
        • The urge to improvise locally available materials is highly encouraged.

Audio materials are preferable because:

        • The materials are relatively cheap.
        • The materials are readily available.
        • The technical equipment required to record, edit or playback them are easy to operate, they are portable and can be used anywhere.
        • They are open to improvisation, revision, additions or omissions.

Audio visual technologies play the following roles:

  • They provide the teacher with the means to extend the student’s horizon of experience
  • They provide meaningful information
  • They stimulate students interest
  • They guide students response
  • They overcome physical limitations
  • They stimulate problem-solving
  • They provide diagnostic and remedial tools

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