ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What is the relevance of encyclopedias in the teaching process?




4a v). Discuss the relevance of encyclopedias in the teaching process. Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias are a set of source books that contains background information on all aspects of learning to the learners. They are very useful to the learner as a source book. They can be used to supplement the information in textbooks, motion pictures, film strips, field trips and other media in exciting curiosity and desire for more information. There are different types of sets of encyclopedias, but each gives pupils an opportunity to find, organize, and evaluate basic facts. It is important to note that though they contain useful information, they stand the risk of being outdated. Encyclopedias are normally printed on paper of very good quality and can last long periods. The main hindrance to their use is the unavailability in most institutions and the cost as well as the lack of ease in updating them to make them contain current information.


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