ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What is the relevance of newspapers and magazines in the teaching process?



4b i). Discuss the relevance of newspaper and magazines in the teaching process. Newspapers and Magazines

These are a very common source of information for the general audience. They are in two types:

        1. Those published for general audience
        2. Those published for school readers

They are useful in several ways such as providing

  • A study and analysis of current events.
  • Background studies on important local, national and international problems.
  • Practice in improving reading and discussion skills.
  • Propaganda analysis.
  • Opportunities to study writing and editorial styles.
  • Foreign language training and bulletin board display material and scrap book collection items.

They tend to have the latest and up-to-date information. This is mainly because most of them are daily, weekly or monthly publications. However, because most of them are not necessarily well researched before publication they may be inaccurate at times. They are normally printed on cheap and low-quality paper and therefore cannot last very long or even withstand rough usage. They also have the advantage of being relatively cheap compared to other print media.


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