ECT 300 EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: What is the role of programmed Teaching and Learning materials in the teaching process?



4b iii). Discuss the role of programmed Teaching and Learning materials in the teaching process. Programmed Teaching and Learning Materials.

This is a kind of instructional format where information is presented in steps, the presentation stimulus demands an active response by the learner, and the learner is either told whether his/her response is correct or s/he compares them with the ones given in the program. The most important advantage of this format is that each learner can learn at his/her own pace. These programmed teaching/learning materials can be used when the teacher intends to:

        • Teach new knowledge and skills independently of to her materials of presentation.
        • Enrich and complement the teaching program.
        • Review the teaching/learning materials.
        • Assist poor pupils or those who have been absent to catch up with the regular classroom work.

Programmed materials have the following advantages:


        • They allow educators to organize their tending materials into logical step by step presentation.
        • Offer flexible teaching/learning possibilities that can be used by groups or individual learners in the classroom, in learning resource centers or at home.
        • They give teachers a concrete and immediate feedback on a learner’s progress.
        • They incite learners to become active.
        • They reduce learner error by being more efficient in realizing specific goals than are other forms of teaching and learning.
        • They are normally protested and revised to ensure validity and reliability.

However, programmed materials have limitations some of which are:


  • They lack intrinsic motivation as the learners work in isolation.
  • There is little provision in the program for the learner to develop or to express himself as creatively as an individual
  • They compartmentalize knowledge in a manner that makes cross-disciplinary approaches to subject content difficult
  • Major principles and concepts are at times lost in programmed teaching /learning because knowledge is so broken down in small steps that the broad aspects of subject maybe lost.

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