ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION: What are some of the obstacles facing Educational Efficiency?



5a iii). Examine the obstacles of Educational Efficiency

Obstacles to Educational Efficiency

  1. Wastage: Drop out and repetition. These could be due to; a) economic difficulties and b). Low quality of education
  2. Teacher salaries. Consume about 90% of the education budget. However, if teachers are well paid, the system enjoys both internal and external efficiency and vice-versa.


Image result for teacher salaries in kenya
Salaries of teachers consume over 90% of school budgets


Ways of boosting efficiency

  1. Revise school calendar-avoid long holidays
  2. Utilize new technologies, e.g. e-learning.
  3. Make education an economic undertaking, i.e. commercial/privatized education
  4. Equity in educational finance and distribution at all levels
  5. Locate educational institutions appropriately

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