ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION: What is the rationale for educational planning in today’s society?7a ii).



7a ii). Provide the rationale for educational planning in today’s society.


The application of rational and systematic analysis to the process of educational development with the aim of making education more effective and efficient in responding to the needs and goals of its students and society.


The rationales for planning education include:

    1. Efficiency: to enhance efficiency in the educational system and therefore maximize benefits of education.this also ensure that society achieves optimum use of human material and financial resources.
    2. Relevance: to shape education system to answer to the needs of learners and society.
    3. Education Core to Development: Education being a prime mover of development (economic political social and cultural)) and basics of national development need to be provided in a  planned/systematic manner/way. E.g. industrialization is one of the national goals and so education should be tailored towards that end by emphasizing science and technical related courses.
    4. Equity: to ensure equity in educational provision. Planning in education provides a rational justification for the distribution of scarce educational resources. Educational planning enables us to establish priorities in an educational system.
    5. Shortage/Surpluses: given the long term nature of educational investment in educational planning is necessary to avoid serious shortages or surpluses, of manpower or types of manpower.

Discussion Topic 1 (Lecture 7)

As an individual, how often do you engage in planning? For how long did you plan before enrolling for a Bachelor of Education degree? What did the planning entail?


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