ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION: What is the Social Demand Approach?



8a i). Examine the Social Demand Approach

This unit will make you through both the traditional and conventional approaches to educational planning. Merits and demerits of each approach will be addressed.


The Social Demand Approach

Based on the UN Declaration of Education as a basic human right

This approach requires the education authorities to provide schools and find facilities for all student who demand admission and who are qualified to enter.

Approach looks on education, as service demanded by people just like any other social services e.g. health, water etc.


Advantages of the Social Demand Approach

  1. The approach provides the planners with approximate number of places where educational facilities has to be provided.
  2. It is a suitable political tool to meet the need to satisfy the demands of the general public.
  3. Where resources are acutely limited, and where we are seeking to provide those kinds and quantities of education which will offer the greatest good to the greatest number, such planning techniques are best.

Limitations of the Approach

  1. Ignore the economic  perspective of education as an investment
  2. The approach has no control over factors such as the price of education.
  3. The approach has no control over the absorptive capacity of the economy for the trained personnel.
  4. The approach does not in any way lay claim to whether the resources expended are economically allotted and to that extent, the approach is poor.
  5. The approach does not provide guidance we need as to how best to meet the identified needs.

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