Educational Psychology: Can you analyze the vagaries played by the environmental determinants on the development of the personality of a young pupil?



9a ii). Discuss the vagaries of environmental determinants on the personality of a young pupil.

Environmental determinants of personality

Children find themselves growing up in many different environments. Each environment leaves its own mark on the malleable human being. Of course the most important environmental influences are those that impact the child early in life during the formative period when the self-concept is being formed.

Many of these influences are experienced at home as the child interacts with the parents, siblings and other persons in the home. Today many children go to school as early as age three. By the time the child attains school age. What is set at age six in Kenya, they have been through,

        • Baby class at age three,
        • Nursery school at age four and
        • Pre unit at age five.

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