Educational Psychology: Can you give a comprehensive definition of intervention in the context of the learning environment? What is Intervention? What is its impact in learning?



11 c iii). Define the concept of Intervention in the context of the learning environment


Intervention is a concept that involves identifying the child with handicaps and helping that child in developing his maximum potentials.

When should intervention programs begin?

Intervention should start early in child development. At least by age two some problems should be noticeable. This is the best time to start intervention. Intervention includes the following procedures


Identification of children with special needs begin with observation.

A teacher or parent can observe the child’s behavior and psychological processes i.e. those with problems with hearing, sight, language acquisition or deficits in certain processes and achievement of developmental milestones. If any irregular patterns are observed in one child, For example problems with sight or hearing then screening should follow the initial observation.

Screening is a process used to find out whether the observed problem is present in other children in the population. Children in a school or neighbourhood can be screened.

Screening helps to identify those children who require further diagnosis in the school or locality. After screening process diagnosis follows. Diagnosis is a procedure carried out by qualified medical personnel.

In Kenya examples of screening and diagnosis are the free eye, ear or dental services offered by certain bodies of professionals. The operation smile is one such body that deals with children with cleft lip and palate.



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