Educational Psychology: Can you give an in-depth appraisal of the pre-scientific method?

Chapter One

Meaning And Relevance Of Educational Psychology

1a v).Give an in-depth appraisal of the pre-scientific approach in teaching.

1.0.1  An Appraisal of the pre-scientific approach

A lot can be said about the negative effects of using the pre-scientific approach to teaching. However, we need to note that these methods may not be entirely wrong. Their only problem lies in the fact that they could be detrimental to learning; they could prevent learning because they are incomplete. Their incompleteness lies in the sense that they do not take into account the psychological factors that play a highly significant role in stimulating, directing and disinhibiting the learning process. It is also true that the teacher who uses the pre-scientific approaches to teaching lacks the awareness of the complexity and dynamism of the learning process.

1.6  Benefits of the scientific approach

At this juncture, we need to find out what the teacher gains from using the scientific approach in his interactions with learners. This is a teacher who demonstrates competence in the following skills:

  • He posses the traditional skills of explaining, demonstrating, informing and evaluating.
  • He can organize learning
  • He can diagnose learning difficulties of
  • Can motivate children to learn so that they direct their energies and towards the learning tasks.
  • He is able to select materials appropriate to the level of learners’
  • He can identify the learning difficulties of children and refer them for treatment by other specialists.
  • The teacher has a better theoretical and functional understanding of the educational process.
  • He has a broader deeper and more effective understanding of the learning-teaching process based on scientific research. This approach is realistic and it leads to effective teaching.
  • Educational psychology fills the gaps in the teachers understanding of educational processes. Corrects misconceptions so that the teacher sees education and its processes in a different light. He sees possibilities, relations and
  • The teacher can identify problems in a given classroom situation and can find more solutions to these

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