Educational Psychology: How does a teacher identify the gifted children?



11 a iv). Outline the way a teacher identifies the gifted children and the challenges associated with this.

How a teacher identifies the gifted children

The gifted children may not be those who simply learn quickly with little effort. Although this characteristic is present, it is important that the teacher notices those children who reason things out, think clearly, use common sense and practical knowledge

      • Have knowledge of many things
      • Have a large vocabulary accurately used
      • Perform difficult mental tasks

Ask many questions and are interested in a wide range of things

The intellectually gifted child is original and uses good but unusual methods or ideas. He is also alert and keenly observant and responds quickly.

Problems associated with giftedness.

The gifted and talented children constitute a group of students with special education needs that are often overlooked by the school. The very gifts that make them outstanding are the ones that cause them untold difficulties. The teacher may note the following problems:

  • Non-participation

The gifted children need stimulating and challenging work. If they get bored with classroom routine they may become indifferent, restless, inattentive, disturbing and even annoying

  • They may get into trouble

The gifted children may get into trouble because they have abundant energy, insight, a vivid sense of humor, strong feelings of truth and justice, which makes them outspoken. They get misunderstood sometimes teachers will think that the gifted child is rude, unruly and indisciplined if they do not understand them.



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