Educational Psychology: What are some of the determinants of Personality in students today? Do you know them?



9b ii). Examine some of the Educational determinants of Personality

Educational Determinants of Personality

Educational institutions play a significant role in personality development.

      • Schools rank second to the home as their influence comes early in life when the self-concept is being formed.
      • In fact, once children join school they spend more time there than in any other place outside the home.
      • The school has different influences and challenges on the child.
      • It is the first place that provides the child with challenges. At school, the child is no longer a baby.
      • When he is an equal among peers.
      • When he cries they laugh at him and tease him as a crybaby.
      • When he wets or soils himself and they break into laughter.
      • School provides the child with the opportunity to measure himself against the peers in terms of intellectual, social and physical abilities.



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