Educational Psychology: What are some of the factors that Influence Learning?

Chapter Four

Factors that Influence Learning

4a i).State some of the Factors that influence learning.


The learning-teaching process is a highly complex one. The complexity arises due to the fact that many variables interact with each other to enhance or hinder learning. This lesson examines these factors as they operate inside and outside the classroom and their effect on learning.

The Factors That Influence Learning

When we think about learning, the concern is about the delivery of content assumably from the teacher to the learner. The teacher is seen as the source of knowledge and his role is to deliver the content for learners to imbibe. This chapter intends to bring out the fact that delivery of content by the teacher or even the imbibing of the same by the learner is not a simple matter. It is complicated and involves dynamic interactions of multi-faceted variables. This chapter discusses the following variables and the operation of each one of them in influencing or hindering learning.

  • The teacher
  • The learning environment
  • The learner
  • The subject matter

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