Educational Psychology: What are some of the methods a teacher can implement so as to control the behavior of students in a classroom environment?



9b i). Examine some of the methods a teacher can implement so as to control the behavior of her respective students.

Methods of Behavior Control

The Methods used by parents to control the child’s behavior are very important. These refer to the incentives the parents put in place to induce good behavior, the frustrations and punishments they mete out to discourage unacceptable behavior.

  • Many times some parents leave children’s discipline to chance. They hope that the children will pick up all the desirable behavior by and by. These parents are usually shocked when the children turn into monsters that nobody can tame.
  • Other parents are conscious of their role in instilling discipline in their children but they do all the wrong things in this endeavour.
  • When they beat their children they do it with a vengeance that leaves children physically and psychologically damaged.
  • When they deprive children favours, they deny them food and other basic requirements leaving the children hungry unloved and damaged.
  • Parents should know that even when they must discipline children it should be love oriented discipline.
  • The child should never feel unloved or rejected during the formative years.
  • Child discipline should be accompanied by love acceptance, unconditional positive regard.

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