Educational Psychology: What classification exists for exceptional children as per the educational curriculum?



11 a iii).  Provide a detailed classification of exceptional children as per the educational curriculum

Classification of exceptional children

The gifted and talented

Who are the gifted?

There is no agreement about what constitutes a gifted student one reason being that individuals can have many gifts. The general consensus is that the gifted learners are those with:

        • Above average general ability
        • High level of creativity
        • High level of task commitment or motivation to achieve in certain areas There are other characteristics that distinguish the gifted learners from other children. These are:
        • They are larger, stronger and healthier than the norm group
        • They achieved developmental milestones earlier than the norm group i.e. they talk 3 ½ earlier, walk earlier, they learn to read before age six, they master school subjects two classes beyond their age level.
        • They have great curiosity and good memory.
        • They are more emotionally stable than their peers.
        • As adults they are better adjusted than the average person.




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