Educational Psychology: What do we mean by the term “preventive discipline”?



10 c ii). Explain the concept of preventive discipline the the context of classroom management.

Preventive discipline

Beyond rewards and punishments


  • The teacher should respect and love children
  • Respect their identity
  • Acceptance means being aware of their unique personality, interests, strong points, failures and temperaments
  • Help them to develop social competence so that they can win peer acceptance
  • Organize the school experiences to meet the need for new experiences
    • Expose them to new subject matter, new activities, responsibility, field trips, use of teaching aids
    • Satisfy their need for curiosity, need for mastery, need for success
  • An achieving child will feel worthy, recognized, competent and autonomous.
  • School programs should be arranged for more equitable distribution of the experiences of success.
  • Every child may achieve some degree of it
  • The school should provide varied opportunities for emotional, physical, intellectual and aesthetic achievement.
  • Provide good teaching
  • Let children be committed to behavior change
  • Establish clear behavior guidelines, expectations, standards and rules that are clear to all
  • Adopt a teamwork approach- involve teachers administration and parents.
  • Design a complete discipline ladder
  • Clear description of available corrective disciplinary measures should be put in place e.g. warning call parents, and refer to principal or counselor.
  • Train self management and discipline
  • Invite good discipline
  • Focus on student success and self-esteem
  • Implement fair and firm rules
  • Plan lessons thoroughly
  • Continually monitor the classroom environment
  • Minimize problems early




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