Educational Psychology: What is Educational Psychology?

Chapter One

Meaning And Relevance Of Educational Psychology

1a i). Define the term Educational Psychology

1.0   Definition Of Educational Psychology.

What is Educational Psychology?

We cannot define Educational Psychology without knowing what psychology is.

Psychology is defined as the scientific discipline that studies animal and human behavior and mental process. As a science psychology is used in the understanding of behavior, prediction of behavior and control of behavior. Behaviour can be defined as anything we do, such as thinking, talking, sneezing, sleeping, loving and so on.

As a science of behavioral psychology has many branches and approaches. The following are some of the branches of psychology:

  • Industrial psychology.
  • Experimental
  • Developmental
  • Counseling
  • Social
  • Educational

Looking at these branches of psychology we can deduce that Educational psychology is one of the branches of psychology. It is one of the newer branches of psychology which is slightly over a century old today, (Woolfolk, 1998).

Educational Psychology is defined as an applied branch of Psychology it is concerned with the application of the principles and techniques of psychology to the solution of the problems confronting the teacher in the classroom, (Gage/Berliner, 1992).

Educational Psychology is also defined as the study of what people think, do and feel as they teach and learn in a particular environment where education and training are intended to take place, (Woolfolk, 1998).

As an applied branch of psychology Educational Psychology focuses on the psychological study of everyday problems of Education from which the teacher derives principles, models, theories, teaching procedures and practical methods of instruction and evaluation. This involves the selection from the total field of psychology of those facts, principles, and techniques, which relate to the teaching-learning process as they operate in and out of the classroom.

Although Educational Psychology borrows heavily from Psychology it has evolved as a distinct science with its own methods and theories.


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