Educational Psychology: What role do personalized goals and incentives play in the learning process? Do they encourage better performance in students?



7b iii). Summarize some of the personalized goals and incentives that a teacher can use in order to motivate his/her students to post better results in their examinations.

Personalized goals and incentives as motivators

Intrinsic motivation is also demonstrated by personal goals and incentives.

        • Many motives are personalized.
        • There are people motivated to be leaders and
        • Others to be followers.
        • Some people want to assert themselves by physical actions.
        • Others want to use the spoken word.
        • While others want to seek recognition by becoming somebody.
        • A doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, teacher, lecturer and so on. These personal motives determine the individual’s level of aspiration.
        • Here aspiration means the expectation of accomplishment.
        • Some people have high levels of task accomplishment while others are low.
        • A person’s level of aspirations is usually modified by his success and failure.
        • A person who often succeeds continues to have high aspirations.
        • While the failing person’s aspiration drops.
        • If a person is succeeding and hence the level of aspirations is high then his self- concept is positive. This can be noted in a person who considers himself an intellectual and studies hard to become a scholar.
        • The person does everything he can to maintain the image of a scholar.
        • On the other hand, the person who develops a negative self-image of failure will not do very well not to do very much to change the situation.
        • Instead, he becomes resigned to his fate.
        • With this in mind, the teacher is advised to help each learner to identify his personal goals and aspirations.



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