Educational Psychology: Which steps ought to be followed in managing hearing and vision impaired learners?



11 c i). Give some of the strategies you will apply to ensure that your vision and hearing impaired students are adequately managed.

How are hearing impaired children managed?

Over the years several approaches have been developed in the management of hearing impaired children.

They have been trained in speech reading also called lip reading. They have also been trained in sign language and finger spelling

A combination of the manual method of communication and oral methods has been known to yield fruits. Today technological innovations such as teletypewriters and many avenues of communication through email and the Internet have expanded communication possibilities for all the people with hearing impairment.

The management of the visually impaired students

There are special materials and equipment that help visually impaired students to function in regular classrooms. These include large print, typewriters, tape recorders, special calculators, the abacus, three dimensional maps, charts, models and special measuring devices. Instructions in Braille are also useful.


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